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JapaneseJapan'shistory [=the history of Japan]
feel the beat of history
go down in history
make history
History repeats itself.
((ことわざ)) 歴史は繰り返す.
write a history of Japan
his personal history
have a history
He has no history.
ancient [past] history
That is all history.
have a history of ...
natural history
The development and popularization of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in mid 1980s (by Kary Mullis and others at Cetus Corp.) marked another watershed in the history of modern biotechnology, greatly increasing the ease and speed of genetic analysis.
Wikipedia : History of biology
At this point in time, the Eastern Roman Empire stands alone, and events in Roman military history fall under the category of Byzantine military history.
These are the top-ten point-scorers in franchise history.
Wikipedia : Calgary Flames
With the conclusion of the 2005 season, UT posted five consecutive ten-win seasons and eight consecutive nine-win campaigns for the first time in school history (though seasons are generally longer than in the past).
Despite the untrustworthy nature of the Liber and the documents preserved therein, it remains a valuable source for the history of the time period it covers, as well as the internal history of the abbey and bishopric.
Wikipedia : Liber Eliensis
In his role as a Raider, Wheatley was able to contribute to some of the greatest memories in the history of the franchise.
Wikipedia : Tyrone Wheatley
These are the top-ten point-scorers in franchise history.
Wikipedia : New Jersey Devils
To a lesser extent, people and events of Parthian history were also included in the histories of Justin, Strabo, Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, Cassius Dio, Appian, Josephus, Pliny the Elder, and Herodian.
Wikipedia : Parthian Empire
Unable to return to Birmingham, the Priestleys eventually settled in Lower Clapton, a district in Hackney, Middlesex where he gave a series of lectures on history and natural philosophy at the Dissenting academy, the New College at Hackney.
Wikipedia : Joseph Priestley
Jordan is one of the most marketed sports figures in history.
Wikipedia : Michael Jordan
Guy Lafleur was one of three players in NHL history (along with Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux) to return to playing after being elected.
They are the fifth team in CFL history to win at home, preceded by the 2011 BC Lions, the 1994 BC Lions, the 1977 Montreal Alouettes, and 1972 Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
Wikipedia : Grey Cup
Sounds right fielder Caleb Gindl became the third player in team history to hit for the cycle when he accomplished the feat on July 10, 2011.
Wikipedia : Nashville Sounds
With these impressive performances, Duncan is one of only four players to receive All-NBA First Team honors in each of his first eight seasons (1998–2005), along with Hall of Famers Bob Pettit (ten seasons), Larry Bird (nine seasons), and Oscar Robertson (nine seasons), and is the only player in NBA history to receive All-NBA and All-Defensive honors in his first 13 seasons (1997–98 to 2009–10).
Wikipedia : Tim Duncan
As a historian, Cruttwell was an accepted authority on the political and military history of the Rhineland.
Vessey believes that William's claim to have been commissioned by Amalric is a typical ancient and medieval topos, or literary theme, in which a wise ruler, a lover of history and literature, wishes to preserve for posterity the grand deeds of his reign.
Wikipedia : William of Tyre
His inaugural address, entitled The Penetrative Powers of the Price System, must have baffled his listeners as he ranged over centuries of economic history jumping abruptly from one topic to the next linking monetary developments to patterns of trade and settlement.
Wikipedia : Harold Innis
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