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be at one's task
set a person (to) a task [=assign a task to a person]
take a task upon oneself
During this time, the other Allied task forces, including the two fleet carrier task forces, took station in the Coral Sea, in anticipation of an expected Japanese offensive in the southern Solomons.
A carrier task force was formed and sent to the Sea of Japan, while New Jersey was ordered to come about and steam toward Japan.
Halsey ordered the remainder of the task force to return to base and directed the rest of his naval forces to take station in the Coral Sea, south of Guadalcanal, to be ready to counter the perceived Japanese offensive.
She continued her gunfire support task for the 1st Marine Division and 1st ROK Corps through 6 December, accounting for enemy bunkers, artillery positions, and troop concentrations.
Directly after the court closed the case, Marshall sent a letter to Secretary Forrestal asking why only blacks were assigned the task of loading munitions; why had they not been trained for that task; why were they forced to compete for speed; why were they not given survivor's leaves; and why had they not been allowed to rise in rank.
This was because Soviet workers often had to find their own ways of working around problems that made their efforts difficult, such as building their own tools to carry out tasks that could not be performed with the tools provided, or by devising entirely new production processes of their own when existing processes were not suitable.
Due to his close control over the Memorial, none of its staff knew what his plans had been and it was unclear how to continue key tasks such as completing the Roll of Honour, classifying and displaying items collected during World War II and managing the Memorial's finances.
With so many people involved, security was a difficult task.
Wikipedia : Manhattan Project
UN assets were shuffled in order to cover this retreat, and as part of the force tasked with covering the UN retreat Missouri was moved into Hungnam on 23 December to provide gunfire support about the Hungnam defense perimeter until the last UN troops, the U.S.
As well as guarding against missile attacks, these large forces were tasked with countering the new and high-performance Type XXI submarines if they began operating in the central Atlantic.
Wikipedia : Operation Teardrop
At the time, Princeton was operating with TF 77, and with other carriers in the task force who were involved in a bombing campaign against North Korean supply lines, troop concentrations, and infrastructure; additionally, the carriers were flying close air support missions for ground forces fighting against the North Korean forces.
Wikipedia : USS Iowa (BB-61)
The ADF's capabilities enable it to carry out a range of tasks.
By July 3, his troops had accomplished the tasks set forth in the directive, destroyed the Third Panzer Army and captured Polatsk.
Wikipedia : Ivan Bagramyan
ILM was tasked with imagining what the immediate assimilation of an Enterprise crewmember would look like.
The Canadian Corps paid particular attention to eliminating German barbed wire, a task made easier with the introduction of the No.
A mistaken report that he was facing six fleet carriers, three cruisers, and two destroyers led Kurita to order his task force to turn and disengage.
The border clearers' task was aided unofficially by German civilians from both sides of the former border who scavenged the installations for fencing, wire and blocks of concrete to use in home improvements.
Wikipedia : Inner German border
AIB parties were often used to support Australian Army units and were assigned to inappropriate tasks such as tactical reconnaissance and liaison.
More unusual tasks such as dropping naval mines have also been practiced at times.
Despite this, while commanding Army Group Centre, he refused to dispatch troops to put down the Warsaw uprising (a task that ultimately was carried out by the SS), viewing it as a rear-area matter.
Wikipedia : Walter Model
As CAS, one of Scherger's first tasks was investigating the feasibility of a nuclear arsenal for the Air Force.
Wikipedia : Frederick Scherger
An FPGA is, in essence, a computer chip that can rewire itself for a given task.
Wikipedia : Parallel computing
The only task left for the crew at this point was to perform the Trans-Earth Injection (TEI), which was scheduled for 2½ hours after the end of the television transmission.
Wikipedia : Apollo 8
Fletcher, Yorktown's commanding officer, Captain Elliott Buckmaster, and their staffs had acquired first-hand experience in organizing and launching a full strike against an enemy force at Coral Sea, but there was no time to pass these lessons to Enterprise and Hornet which were tasked with launching the first strike.
Wikipedia : Battle of Midway
Able to beat off the attacks, Washington refueled and continued escorting carriers until she, with three battleships and escorts, formed a new task group.
On 9 December, three more American submarines intercepted the task group; Sea Devil, Plaice, and Redfish damaged the carrier Junyō and multiple destroyers with torpedoes.
Mitigating to some degree the destruction of his task force, Wright, in his after-action report, claimed that his force sank four Japanese destroyers and damaged two others.



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