1. an appeal ((to a person; for a thing));《文》 an entreaty, (a) supplication ((for))

    哀願する appeal ((to a person to do; for a thing));《文》 entreat [implore] ((a person (to do); for a thing));plead ((with a person 「for a thing [to do]))

    • 私は彼に慈悲を[助けてくれるように]哀願した
    • I entreated [implored/pleaded with] him 「for mercy [to help me].

    愛玩する 〔ペットとしてかわいがる〕pet, make a pet of ((a cat));〔やさしく世話する〕care for ((a person)) fondly

    • 彼の愛玩の鉢植え
    • his favorite [cherished] potted plant
  1. 愛玩動物a pet
  1. 愛玩物a cherished article
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