1. an alley; a narrow street
    • 袋小路に追いつめられる
    • be trapped in a blind alley
  1. construction (work)
    • 道路工事
    • road work [building]
    • 鉄道工事
    • railway [《米》 railroad] construction
    • 建設工事を始める
    • start construction work
    • 工事を監督する
    • direct construction
    • 工事中
    • 〔道路表示〕Under Construction [Repair]/〔車に対する警告〕Road Work(s) Ahead/Men Working/Construction Ahead
    • 校舎は今工事中だ
    • The schoolhouse is under construction./The 「construction of [work on] the school building is now in progress.
  1. 工事請負人a contractor
  1. 工事監督a construction supervisor; a superintendent
  1. 工事現場a construction site
  1. 工事費the cost of construction; construction expenses
  1. a public announcement [notice]; an official notice

    公示する 〔公表する〕announce; make ((a thing)) public

    • 衆議院議員選挙の公示
    • the proclamation of a general election for the House of Representatives
    • 王の国葬は6月1日に行われる旨の公示があった
    • It has been publicly [officially] announced that the state funeral for the King will be held on the first of June.
    • 料金を公示する
    • publish the rates and charges
  1. 公示価格the declared value
  1. 公示地価the assessed value of land
  1. public [official] affairs
  1. 〔めでたいこと〕 ⇒こうず(好事)1
    • 好事魔多し
    • Shadows usually accompany light./Happy events tend to be accompanied by problems.
  1. 1〔誘い寄せる手段〕
    • 彼は好餌に誘われたに違いない
    • He must have been lured with tempting bait.
  1. 2〔えじき〕
    • 彼女はあの男の好餌となった
    • She fell an easy prey [victim] to that man.
  1. 1〔将来のこと〕future affairs
  1. 2〔死後のこと〕
    • 彼は死ぬ前に後事を弟に託した
    • Before he died, he asked his brother to look after his family and affairs.
    • その件は高次の機関に付託された
    • The matter was referred to a high-level agency.
  1. 高次方程式an equation of high degree
  1. koji; malted rice;〔麦芽〕malt
  1. 麹菌[かび]an aspergillus ((複 -gilli))