1. clearness; clarity
    • 頭の冴え
    • acuteness [brilliance] of thought/penetrating (mental) brilliance
    • ネット際のスマッシュに腕の冴えを見せた
    • He showed his dexterity with smashes near the net.
  1. 1〔さらに〕
    • 雨さえ降ってきた
    • On top of that [everything], it began to rain.
  1. 2〔…ですら〕even
    • 彼さえ知らないのだからだれも知らないだろう
    • If even he doesn't know, then nobody does.
    • ABCさえ書けない
    • He can't even write the alphabet./He cannot so much as write the alphabet.
    • 1滴の水さえない
    • There is not even a drop of water (to be had [found]).
    • 彼は兄弟にさえ裏切られた
    • He was betrayed even by his own brothers.
  1. 3〔そのことだけで十分〕
    • もっと勉強しさえすれば試験に合格できたのに
    • If only you had studied harder, you could have passed the examination.
    • これさえあれば十分だ
    • This is all I need.