1. the first half of the coldest period in midwinter (starting on the 15th day after the winter solstice)
  1. a summons ((複 ~es));〔法律〕a subp(o)ena [səbpíːnə]
    • 関係者を召喚する
    • summon the parties concerned/serve summonses on the parties concerned
    • 証人として法廷に召喚された
    • He was summoned to appear in court as a witness.
  1. 召喚状((issue)) a summons [subp(o)ena]
  1. (a) recall

    召還する recall; order [summon] ((a person)) home

    • 駐米大使が召還された
    • The ambassador to the U.S. was recalled.
  1. 召還状a letter of recall
  1. 〔一般的〕a flag officer;〔陸軍〕a general;〔海軍〕an admiral ⇒「軍隊階級表」
  1. the office of a foreign merchant (in Japan in the Edo period)
  1. repayment, refund;〔公社債の〕redemption, (a) refund

    償還する repay; refund; redeem

    • 国債を償還する
    • redeem a government bond
    • 手付金は償還されます
    • The deposit will be refunded.
    • 負債を償還する
    • pay back [repay] a loan
  1. 償還期限the term of redemption;〔満期日〕the date of maturity
    • この債券は償還期限が5年である
    • This bond is redeemable in five years.
  1. 償還金redemption money
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