1. at least
    • せめてパリだけでも見たい
    • I want to see Paris, at least.
    • せめてもう1時間でも長くいられたらなあ
    • I wish I could stay at least one hour longer.
    • せめて2キロくらいなら駅まで歩くのだが
    • I would be willing to walk to the station, if it weren't more than two kilometers.
    • 彼女にとって絵をかくことがせめてもの楽しみだ
    • Painting is the only pleasure she has (in life).
    • そっとしておくのが彼に対するせめてもの思いやりだ
    • The best [only] thing we can do for him is to leave him alone.
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