1. I〔天候〕the weather
    • よい天気
    • fine [good] weather
    • 悪い天気
    • bad weather
    • 上天気
    • splendid [beautiful/lovely] weather
    • いい天気だ
    • It is a fine [beautiful] day.
    • 天気が定まらない
    • The weather is unsettled.
    • 天気が下り坂だ
    • The weather is changing for the worse.
    • 天気は次第によくなるでしょう
    • The weather will improve [《口》 look up/change for the better].
    • この天気はいつまで続くかしら
    • How long will this weather hold [last]?(▼holdは通例よい天気に使う)
    • 天気がよければ8時に出発しよう
    • 「If the weather permits [If the weather is good], let's start at eight.
    • 天気がよくても悪くても式を行う
    • The ceremony will be held 「in any weather [rain or shine].
    • この天気では明日は雨だろう
    • Judging from the look of the sky, it will rain tomorrow.
  1. II〔人の機嫌〕 ⇒おてんき(御天気)II
  1. 天気概況general weather conditions; a meteorological summary
  1. 天気図a weather chart [map]
  2. てんきず
  1. 天気相談所a weather information bureau;〔米国の〕the National Weather Service
  1. 天気予報a weather forecast;〔概況を含む〕a weather report
    • 天気予報では明日は晴れる
    • According to the weather forecast, it will be fine tomorrow.
    • 天気予報官
    • a weather forecaster;a weatherperson
  1. posting

    転記する post; transfer

    • 仕訳帳から元帳に全部転記しておきました
    • I have posted all the items in the journal in [on] the ledger./I have transferred all the entries from the journal to the ledger.
  1. a turning point
    • 大恐慌は産業界にとって一大転機となった
    • The Great Depression was [proved to be] a major turning point for the industrial world.
    • 彼は人生の転機に立っている
    • He is at the turning point in his life.
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