1. comparison ((with))

    比較する compare ((A with B))

    比較的 comparatively

    • この二つは比較にならない
    • There is no comparison between the two.
    • 祖母のスケッチを後年の写真と比較した
    • I compared the sketch of my grandmother with a later photograph.
    • その絵は比較にならないほど美しい
    • The picture is beautiful beyond comparison.
    • これはそれとは比較にならない
    • 〔それより劣る〕This 「cannot bear comparison [is not to be compared] with that.
    • 太田と比較すると鈴木はまだまだだ
    • Compared with [to] Ohta, Suzuki is still inferior.
    • 両社の業績を比較すればABC社のほうがはるかに将来性があることが分かる
    • If you contrast the two companies' business performances, you'll see that ABC is far more likely to grow.
    • ここは比較的涼しい
    • It is relatively cool here.
  1. 比較級〔文法で〕the comparative degree
  1. 比較研究((make)) a comparative study ((of))
  1. 比較広告comparative [comparison] advertising
  1. 比較表a comparative table
  1. 比較文学comparative literature
  1. 〔皮類〕hides (and skins);〔なめし革〕leather
  1. 皮革工業the leather industry
  1. 皮革商a dealer in hides and skins;〔皮なめし業者〕a tanner
  1. 皮革製品a leather article;〔総称〕leather goods

    非核の nonnuclear

  1. 非核化denuclearization
  1. 非核国a nonnuclear country [power]
  1. 非核三原則the three nonnuclear principles (of Japan)
  1. 非核自治体宣言the declaration (by local authorities) that a city is nuclear-free
  1. 非核地帯a nuclear-free zone
  1. 非核保有国a nonnuclear nation
  1. 非核武装nonnuclear armament