1. if; provided; in case ((of emergency))
    • もし雨なら行きません
    • In case of rain [If it rains], I won't go.
    • もし彼が来なかったらどうしますか
    • If [Supposing] he does not come, what will you do?
    • もし彼が正直な人間ならこれを貸すのだが
    • If he were an honest man, I would lend it to him.(▼正直でないかもしれない場合)/Provided that he is honest, I will lend it to him.(▼正直であるとした場合)
    • もしあなたの助力がなかったら彼は破滅していただろう
    • Without [But for/If it had not been for] your help, he would have been ruined.
  1. 1〔呼び掛け〕Excuse me.
    • もしもしこれはあなたのハンカチではありませんか
    • Excuse me, but isn't this your handkerchief?
  1. 2〔電話で〕Hello.
    • もしもし伊藤さんですか
    • Hello! Is this [《英》 that] Mr. Ito?