1. a watt; wattage
    • 40ワットの電球
    • a 40-watt (light) bulb
  1. ワット計a wattmeter
  1. ワット時a watt-hour ((略 Wh, WH))
  1. 1〔急に声を出す様子〕
    • わっと泣き出した
    • He burst out crying./He burst into tears.
    • 聴衆の間からわっと喚声がわき起こった
    • The audience broke into loud cheers.
    • 後ろからわっと脅かした
    • I (suddenly) yelled at her from behind and scared her.
  1. 2〔急に起こる様子〕
    • 参加者がわっとふえた
    • The number of participants suddenly increased.
    • 特売にわっと人が集まった
    • A crowd of people appeared out of nowhere for the special sale.
    • くもの子を散らすようにわっと逃げ出した
    • Everyone scattered as though a bomb had gone off in their midst.