1. Christmas;〔クリスマスの季節〕the Christmas [holiday] season
    Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan and is for most people a normal workday. However, it is widely celebrated as a festive non-religious event among the Japanese, very few of whom are Christian. On Christmas Eve, families with small children often decorate Christmas trees, buy decorated cakes, and have special, big dinners together. Children look forward to Santa's bringing gifts that night, and parents prepare and place Christmas presents by their beds ― taking care not to be seen. Christmas Eve is also a big occasion for couples, who spend it having dinner at romantic restaurants and exchanging presents.
    • クリスマスの当日に
    • on Christmas Day
    • クリスマスおめでとう
    • Merry Christmas!/A merry Christmas to you!/《英》 Happy Christmas!
    • うちは家でクリスマスを静かに祝います
    • We celebrate [keep] Christmas quietly at home.
  1. クリスマスイブChristmas Eve
  1. クリスマスカードa Christmas card
  1. クリスマスキャロルa Christmas carol
  1. クリスマスケーキa Christmas cake
  1. クリスマスセールa Christmas [Xmas] sale(▼Xmasは略)
  1. クリスマスツリーa Christmas tree
    • クリスマスツリーに飾りをつける
    • trim [decorate] a Christmas tree
  1. クリスマスデコレーションChristmas decorations
  1. クリスマスプレゼントa Christmas present [gift]