1. pachinko, Japanese pinball
    Pachinko is a pinball-style game invented in Japan. The player shoots small metal balls onto the game field, and they fall through the alley of pins. When one falls into one of the holes on the field, the machine dispenses additional metal balls as a payout. The balls can be exchanged for prizes, and certain token prizes may then be exchanged for cash. Pachinko machines themselves have been constantly evolving, incorporating new technology and gimmicks. Now there are computerized controls and digitalized slot machines, and prepaid cards can be used. In recent years, with large jackpot payouts and increasing sales, the element of gambling has become more prominent, and an increasing number of criminal activities related to pachinko are being reported.
    • パチンコをやった
    • We played pachinko.
  1. パチンコ屋[店]a pachinko parlor [hall]