1. a word ⇒いちごん(一言)
  1. 一言一行every word and act
    • 彼は一言居士だ
    • He always wants to comment on any (and every) subject./He always has something to say about anything and everything.
  1. ひとこと(一言)
    • 一言も(弁解の余地は)ありません
    • There's nothing I can say for myself./I have no excuse.
    • 彼女は私の依頼を一言のもとに断った
    • She flatly refused my request./She turned me down flat [point-blank/《口》 cold].
  1. 一言一句〔一つ一つの言葉〕
    • 彼は一言一句もおろそかにしない
    • He weighs his words carefully.
  1. 一言半句〔ほんの少しの言葉〕
    • 一言半句も聞き漏らすまいと私は緊張した
    • I was all ears [attention] so as not to miss a single word.
  1. a (single) word
    • 一言も言わずに
    • without (saying) a single word
    • 一言言っておきたい
    • I want to 「say something to [have a word with] you.
    • 終わりに一言
    • One more word before I close (my speech).
    • 一言で言うと
    • in a word
    • あいつはいつも一言多い
    • He always says 「one word too many [what he might have left unsaid].