1. a spare; a reserve

    予備の 〔とっておきの〕spare;〔準備的段階の〕preliminary

    • 予備の食糧
    • a reserve of food
    • まさかの時のために予備のお金をとっておく
    • keep some money in reserve in case of (an) emergency
    • 客用の予備の部屋がない
    • We have no spare room for guests.
    • 予備の調査をする
    • make a preliminary investigation
    • 電池が切れるかもしれない.予備を持っていこう
    • The batteries may wear out. Let's take some spares [extras].
  1. 予備役reserve duty; service in the first reserves
    • 予備役将校
    • a reserve officer
  1. 予備金a reserve fund; a fund in reserve
  1. 予備軍a reserve (corps); the reserves
  1. 予備校((go to)) a cramming [coaching] school
  2. 予備校Yobiko are private schools or institutions designed to prepare students for university and college entrance examinations. The great majority of students at yobiko are high school graduates who have failed in entrance examinations at least once and are preparing for the following year's exams. Some high school students also go to yobiko after school or in the evening. The private schools which prepare younger students for junior or senior high school entrance exams are called juku. Yobiko and juku are two major businesses in the entrance exam support industry.(意訳:大学など上級学校への入学試験に備え受験指導をする学校.予備校生の大多数は浪人生だが,現役の高校生の中には学校が終わった後で予備校へ行く生徒もいる.小中学生を主な対象とした,中学,高校受験のための塾と並んで受験産業の大きな柱である)
  1. 予備工作preliminaries; spadework; groundwork ((for))
  1. 予備交渉preliminary [working-level] negotiations
  2. 予備交渉予備交渉をする negotiate beforehand; have a preliminary talk
  1. 予備選挙a preliminary election;《米》 a primary
  1. 予備知識background knowledge
  1. 予備調査a pilot survey
  1. 予備費a reserve [contingency] fund
    • 7万円を予備費にあてた
    • Seventy thousand yen was set aside 「as a reserve fund [for emergency expenses].
  1. 予備品〔予備の部品〕spare parts;〔非常準備品〕spares;〔予備の貯蔵品〕a reserve supply