1. a spare; a reserve

    予備の 〔とっておきの〕spare; 〔準備的段階の〕preliminary

    • 予備の食糧
    • a reserve of food
    • まさかの時のために予備のお金をとっておく
    • keep some money in reserve in case of (an) emergency
    • 客用の予備の部屋がない
    • We have no spare room for guests.
    • 予備の調査をする
    • make a preliminary investigation
    • 電池が切れるかもしれない.予備を持っていこう
    • The batteries may wear out. Let's take some spares [extras].
  1. 予備役 reserve duty; service in the first reserves
    • 予備役将校
    • a reserve officer
  1. 予備金 a reserve fund; a fund in reserve
  1. 予備軍 a reserve (corps); the reserves
  1. 予備校 ((go to)) a cramming [coaching] school
  1. 予備工作 preliminaries; spadework; groundwork ((for))
  1. 予備交渉 preliminary [working-level] negotiations
  2. 予備交渉をする negotiate beforehand; have a preliminary talk

  1. 予備選挙 a preliminary election; ((米)) a primary
  1. 予備知識 background knowledge
  1. 予備調査 a pilot survey
  1. 予備費 a reserve [contingency] fund
    • 7万円を予備費にあてた
    • Seventy thousand yen was set aside 「as a reserve fund [for emergency expenses].
  1. 予備品 〔予備の部品〕spare parts; 〔非常準備品〕spares; 〔予備の貯蔵品〕a reserve supply