1. 〔通知〕(a) notice;〔警告〕(a) warning;〔告知〕(a) previous announcement

    予告する give (prior) notice; warn

    • 新刊予告
    • an announcement of forthcoming books/〔広告で〕Books To Be Published Shortly
    • 会は予告どおり9時から行います
    • The meeting will begin at nine as already [previously] announced.
    • 天災は予告なしに起こる
    • Natural disasters occur without warning.
    • 予告なしに[1週間の予告で]解雇された
    • He was dismissed 「without notice [on a week's notice].
    • やめる時は一月前に予告してください
    • Please give me a month's notice before you quit.
    • 先月末で期限が切れることを予告してくれればよかったのに
    • You might have informed me beforehand that the term would expire at the end of last month.
  1. 予告編〔映画の〕a preview (of coming attractions)