1. prevention

    予防する prevent ((a person from doing))

    • 火災予防
    • fire prevention
    • この病気は予防できる
    • This disease is preventable.
    • 子供が風邪をひかないように予防する
    • prevent children from catching cold
    • 医者は性病感染予防にコンドームを勧めている
    • Doctors recommend condoms as a safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases.
    • ばらのうどん粉病の予防にはこの散布剤がよい
    • This spray is very good as a preventive against the mildew of roses.
  1. 予防医学preventive medicine
  1. 予防外交preventive diplomacy
  1. 予防原則the precautionary principle (against environmental destruction)
  1. 予防策((take)) precautions;((adopt)) preventive measures ((against)) (▼通例複数で用いる)
  1. 予防接種(a) vaccination; (an) inoculation
  1. 予防接種証明書a yellow book
    • 叱られないように,できるだけ予防線を張っておいた
    • I did all I could to cover myself (in case things went wrong).
  1. 予防戦争〔戦争を防ぐための戦争〕a preventive war [attack];〔先制攻撃〕a preemptive war [strike]
  1. 予防注射予防接種
    • 昨日,インフルエンザの予防注射をしてもらった
    • Yesterday I was vaccinated against influenza.
  1. 予防点検(a) preventive inspection
  1. 予防保全preventive maintenance