1. May
    • 五月の節句
    • 「the Boys' Festival [Children's Day], celebrated on May 5
  1. 五月祭〔労働者の〕May Day;〔大学などの〕the May Festival
  1. 五月人形samurai dolls displayed at the time of the Boys' Festival
  1. 五月のぼりa carp streamer for the Boys' Festival
  1. 五月病the letdown [depression] that comes a month or two after a freshman enters college
  1. 1〔5月〕May
  1. 2〔さつきつつじ〕an azalea
  1. 五月雨(an) early summer rain
  1. 五月晴れ〔5月の〕fine weather in May;〔梅雨の晴れ間〕fine weather during the rainy season