1. representation, proxy; 〔取引などの〕agency; 〔人〕⇒だいりにん(代理人)

    代理の acting; deputy

    代理 (を) する act (as substitute) for; act in place of

    • 校長[社長]代理
    • the acting principal [president]
    • 議長代理
    • a deputy chairman
    • 彼は1週間先生の代理をつとめた
    • He substituted for the teacher for a week.
    • 大統領の入院中副大統領が代理をつとめた
    • The Vice-President acted [stood in] for the President while he was in (the) hospital.
    • 父の代理で[として]会議に出席した
    • I attended the conference in my father's place./I represented my father at the conference.
    • 彼の代理で投票した
    • I voted 「on his behalf [as his proxy].
  1. 代理業 (the) agency business
  1. 代理業者 an agent
  1. 代理出産 surrogate mothering, surrogacy
  1. 代理署名 (a) proxy signature
    • 知事は民有地使用継続のための代理署名を拒否した
    • The governor refused to (serve as a proxy and) sign documents renewing the national government's forced lease of private land.
  1. 代理戦争 a proxy war
  1. 代理大使 a chargé d'affaires[réi dfr | − dæf]((複chargés d'affaires)); an acting ambassador
  1. 代理店 an agency; an agent
    • 広告[保険]代理店
    • an advertising [insurance] agency
    • 代理店手数料
    • an agent's commission
  1. 代理人 a representative, a proxy (▼投票・株主総会などで委任された) ,a deputy (▼ある職務を代行する); 〔取引などの〕an agent; 〔法廷の〕an attorney(-in-fact)
    • 代理人となる
    • act as attorney [proxy]
    • 代理人を立てて応訴することにした
    • I decided to retain an attorney and contest the suit.
  1. 代理母 a surrogate mother
  1. 代理販売 sale by agent