1. a company ((略 Co.));a firm; a concern; a corporation(▼法人)
    • 親[子]会社
    • a parent [subsidiary] company
    • 関連会社
    • an affiliated company
    • 株式会社
    • a joint-stock [《米》 stock] company
    • 商事会社
    • a trading company [corporation]
    • 保険会社
    • an insurance company
    • 有限会社
    • a corporation/《英》 a limited liability company(▼会社名には略して 《米》 Inc.,《英》 Co.,Ltd.を付ける)
    • 幽霊会社
    • a bogus company
    • 合資会社
    • a limited partnership
    • 合名会社
    • an ordinary partnership
    • 会社に勤める
    • work for a company
    • 会社へ行く
    • go to work [the office](▼the officeはデスクワークの仕事)
    • 主人は今,会社に行っています
    • My husband is at the office now.
    • 大会社に入った
    • He took [got] a job with a big company.
    • 会社をやめた
    • He quit [left/〔定年で〕retired from] the company.
    • 会社を作る
    • organize [establish] a company
    • 会社を合併する
    • merge companies
    • 事業を会社組織にする
    • incorporate a business
  1. 会社員an office worker; a company employee
  1. 会社組合a company(-based) union
  1. 会社更生法the Company Resuscitation Law; the Stock Company Reorganization and Rehabilitation Act
  1. 会社社長the president of a company
  1. 会社重役a company executive
  1. 会社説明会an information session held by a company for job-seekers;a job fair
  1. 会社勤め会社勤め(を)する work for a company
  1. 会社内規company [corporation] bylaws [regulations]
  1. 会社人間a company man
    • 彼は会社人間だ
    • He (is the kind who) always puts the company first.
  1. 会社法company [corporation] law
  1. 会社訪問会社訪問をする visit a company to collect information about employment
    • 会社訪問で勉強に身が入らない
    • Because I have to visit companies to get job information, I can't concentrate on my studies.
  1. 会社役員a member of 「the Board of Directors [the directorate]