1. I〔人が乗るのに乗じること〕
    • 新宿まで友達が車に便乗させてくれた
    • A friend gave me a lift in his car as far as Shinjuku.
  1. II〔機会を利用すること〕
    • 公共料金の値上げに便乗して業者は価格を上げた
    • Manufacturers took advantage of the hike in public utility charges to raise prices.
  1. 便乗商法piggybacking ((on the need for; on the shortage of))
  1. 便乗値上げan opportunistic price hike; price gouging
    • 便乗値上げする
    • jump on the bandwagon and increase prices/raise the price ((of a thing)),taking advantage of a general rise in prices