1. the preservation of law and order
    • 海上保安庁
    • the Japan Coast Guard ((略 JCG))
  1. 保安係〔デパートなどの〕a store [《米》 a house] detective;《米俗》 a house dick
  1. 保安官a peace officer;〔米国の〕a sheriff, a marshal
  1. 保安基準the safety standard
  1. 保安巡察a security patrol
  1. 保安条例regulations for the preservation of public peace and security
  1. 保安処分〔法律で〕「an order [a measure] for preserving (the) public peace
  1. 保安帽a safety helmet
  1. 保安要員a security guard;〔鉱山などの〕disaster prevention personnel
  1. 保安林a forest reserve [preserve]