1. individuals

    個々の individual

    個々に 〔個別に〕individually;〔一人ずつ,一個ずつ〕one by one;〔別々に〕separately

    • 時々,先生は私たちを個々に指導される
    • Sometimes our teacher helps us individually [one at a time].
    • それは我々個々の問題だ
    • That's a matter for each of us to handle individually.
    • 少年たちは個々に部屋をあてがわれた
    • A separate room was allotted to each of the boys.
    • 彼らは個々別々の方法でそれをした
    • Each of them did it (in) his own way.
    • 君たちは個々に決めなければならない
    • Each of you has to decide independently [for yourself].