1. priority; precedence

    優先する have priority ((over));take precedence ((over))

    • 人命尊重は何よりも優先されねばならない
    • Respect for human life should have [take] priority [precedence] over all other things./The highest priority should be given to human life.
    • この仕事が他のどれよりも優先する
    • This work takes first [top] priority.
    • 何を優先するかまず決めなければならない
    • We have to decide on priorities first.
    • 政府は被災者救済を優先させるという見解を示した
    • The Government expressed the view that relief for the victims should 「be the first consideration [take first preference].
    • 付属高校の卒業生は大学に優先的に入学が許可される
    • Graduates of the senior high school attached to the university are given priority in admission.
  1. 優先株(主)《米》 (a holder of) preferred stock;《英》 (a holder of) preference shares
    • だれにも優先権は与えられない
    • Nobody can be given priority [preference] over others.
    • 通行の優先権
    • the right of way
  1. 優先順位the order of priority [precedence]
    • 優先順位をつける
    • prioritize
  1. 優先席a seat for the aged or the physically handicapped; a priority seat
    • ドナーが書面による意思表示で親族に臓器を優先提供できる
    • A person [donor] can specify in writing that a relative is to be given priority for the receipt of one of his [her] organs.