1. I〔出し汁〕soup stock;〔調味出し〕soup base;〔肉または魚の〕broth
    • 出しを取る
    • make [prepare] stock
    • これは出しが効いている
    • This was cooked in good stock./The food is well flavored.
  1. II〔口実,手段〕
    • 彼は私を出しに使って彼女に近づいた
    • He used me to approach her./He used me as a means of getting to know her.
  1. 出し殻〔出しを取った残り〕the leavings from making stock;〔コーヒーの〕grounds;〔茶がら〕used tea leaves
  1. 出し昆布dried tangle [kelp] for making stock