1. I〔出はいり〕
    • ドアから出入りする
    • go [come] in and out at the door
    • この箱は出入りの邪魔だ
    • This box blocks the doorway.
    • あの家は人の出入りが多い
    • The family has many visitors.
    • 彼の家に自由に出入りできる
    • I have the run of his house./I can come and go freely at his house.
    • あの男の出入りを禁じよう
    • I will forbid that man to enter my house.
    • 公爵は宮廷への出入りを差し止められた
    • The Duke was no longer received at court.
    • あやしげな男が彼の家に出入りしている
    • A suspicious-looking man often calls at his house.
    • うちの出入りの肉屋
    • the butcher who delivers meat to our family
  1. II
  1. 1〔収支〕income and expenditure [《米》 expenditures]
    • 今年は金の出入りが多かった
    • Both my income and my expenditure(s) have gone up considerably this year.
  1. 2〔もめごと〕a quarrel
    • 通りでやくざの出入りがあった
    • There was a fight between two groups of gangsters in the street.
  1. 3〔一様でないこと〕
    • このゴルフのトーナメントでは出入りの激しいプレーをした
    • He played very inconsistently [unevenly] in this golf tournament.