1. I
  1. 1〔値段を安くする〕discount; reduce
    • 割り引いた値段で売る
    • sell at a discount [reduced price]
    • 定価を10パーセント割り引く
    • reduce the price by ten percent
    • 大量に[1ダース]お買いいただけば割り引きます
    • We make a reduction if you buy 「in quantity [a dozen].
  1. 2〔手形を〕discount
    • 手形を銀行で割り引いてもらった
    • I got [had] the bill discounted at the bank.
  1. II〔内輪に考える〕
    • この話はどうも割り引いて考える必要がありそうだ
    • I'm afraid we can't accept this story at face value.
    • 友人たちは彼の話を割り引いて聞いた
    • His friends took his story with a grain [pinch] of salt./His friends discounted a part of what he said.