1. I
  1. 1〔命拾いする〕be saved;〔救助される〕be rescued
    • バスが転覆したが全員命は助かった
    • The bus overturned, but the lives of all the passengers were saved.
    • 少年は川に落ちたが助かった
    • The boy fell into the river but was rescued.
    • 彼は家族の手厚い看病で助かった
    • He recovered [was saved (from death)] thanks to his family's devoted care.
    • 彼は助かる見込みがほとんどない
    • There is almost no hope of his recovery.
  1. 2〔被害を免れる〕
    • 留守中に泥棒が入ったが宝石は助かった
    • My house was broken into while I was away, but my jewelry wasn't taken.
  1. II〔費用・苦労などが少なくてすむ〕
    • 費用が助かった
    • I was spared the expense.
    • この地方は物価が安いので助かっている
    • I am thankful that prices are low in this district.
    • この辞書でおおいに助かっている
    • This dictionary is a great help to me.