1. (a) victory ((in, over))
    • 我がチームが勝ちを収めた
    • Our team won (the victory).
    • 試合は彼の勝ちに終わった
    • The match ended in victory for him.
    • 君の勝ちだ
    • The game [day] is yours./You win.
    • 早い者勝ち
    • First come, first served.
    • 1回戦で相手を倒し,勝ちに乗じて優勝した
    • Flushed with confidence after beating his first-round opponent, he went on to win the championship.
  1. 勝ちを制するwin; 「come out [emerge] victorious
  1. 勝ちを拾うpick up an unexpected win; achieve [pull off] a surprise victory;〔逆転勝ちする〕pull a game out of the fire
  1. 勝ちを譲るlet one's opponent win
  1. 勝ち組a winner
    • あの人は勝ち組だから負け組の人の気持ちはわからない
    • He's always been a winner, so he doesn't understand how losers feel.
  1. 勝ち名乗り勝ち名乗り
  1. 勝ち星勝ち星
  1. 1〔…が多い〕
    • 黒目がちの目
    • eyes with large pupils
  1. 2〔…の傾向がある〕
    • …しがちである
    • be apt [likely] to do/tend to do
    • このような事はつい忘れがちです
    • We are apt to forget this kind of thing.
    • それは少女にありがちな感傷に過ぎない
    • It's merely the sentimentality that girls are prone [susceptible] to.
    • そういう事故はとかく起こりがちである
    • Accidents like that do happen.
    • 明日は曇りがちの天気でしょう
    • It will 「be mostly cloudy [be on the cloudy side] tomorrow.