1. (an) invitation ((to));〔説得・懇願による〕 ((主に米)) (a) solicitation

    勧誘する invite ((a person to do));〔懇願して〕solicit;〔選挙・注文取りで〕canvass

    • クラブへの勧誘
    • an invitation to join a club
    • 寄付の勧誘
    • soliciting [canvassing for] contributions
    • 悪質な投票の勧誘
    • illegal 「canvassing for [solicitation of] votes
    • 男が新聞の勧誘に来た
    • A man came around soliciting newspaper subscriptions.
    • 勧誘されて彼らの劇団に入った
    • I was talked into joining their theatrical troupe.
    • 彼は母を保険に勧誘しようとした
    • He tried to persuade my mother to buy insurance.
    • 保険の勧誘員
    • an insurance salesperson