1. a siege; encirclement

    包囲する surround; lay siege to ((the enemy, a town))

    • 我々は敵に完全に包囲された
    • The enemy closed in on us from all sides./We were completely besieged [surrounded/hemmed in] by the enemy.
    • 町の包囲を解く
    • raise the siege of a town
    • 敵の包囲を突破する
    • break through the lines of the besieging enemy forces
    • 警察がその区画を包囲した
    • The police threw a cordon around the block.
  1. 包囲軍a besieging army
    • 包囲攻撃を受ける
    • be under attack from all sides
  1. 包囲射撃enveloping fire
  1. 包囲網an encircling net