1. the north

    北方の north; northern

    • 北方に
    • 〔北の方向に〕to the north/〔北部に〕in the north
    • 北方へ
    • to [toward] the north/northward
    • 北方から
    • from [out of] the north
    • 日本の北方の山々
    • 「the mountains in the north [the northern mountains] of Japan
    • 函館は青森の北方にある
    • Hakodate is to the north of Aomori.
    • 青森は本州の北方にある
    • Aomori is in the north of Honshu.
    • その寺は村の北方3キロのところにある
    • The temple stands [is] three kilometers (to the) north of the village.
    • 北方へ車を走らせていた
    • We were driving northward [north] in our car.
  1. 北方領土the Northern Territories
  1. 北方領土問題the Kuril Islands dispute (with Russia)