1. Iはくし(博士)
  1. II〔物知り〕「a learned [a well-informed, 《文》 an erudite] man;〔達人〕an expert
    • 物知り博士
    • a well-informed person
    • お天気博士
    • a weather expert
  1. a doctor;〔称号〕Doctor ((略 D., Dr.))

    博士の doctoral

    • 佐々木博士
    • Dr. Sasaki
    • 医学博士
    • a medical doctor/〔称号〕a Doctor of Medicine ((略 M.D.))
    • 文学博士
    • a Doctor of Philosophy [Literature/Letters] ((略 Ph.D., D.Litt.))
    • 理学博士
    • a Doctor of Science ((略 D.S., D.Sc.))
  1. 博士課程a doctoral course ((in history))
    • 博士課程に在籍する
    • be enrolled in a doctoral course [《米》 program]
  1. 博士号a doctor's degree; a doctorate
    • 経済学で博士号を取る
    • get [obtain/receive] a 「doctor's degree [doctorate] in economics
  1. 博士論文a doctoral dissertation
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