1. instantly; promptly; at once;〔その場で〕on the spot
    • 救援物資が即時発送された
    • Relief goods were sent off at once.
    • これは即時調査を要する
    • This calls for an immediate investigation./This should be investigated promptly.
    • それは即時解決した
    • It was settled on the spot.
  1. 即時撤退an immediate withdrawal
  2. 即時撤退即時撤退する withdraw immediately
  1. 即時取り引きa direct [spot] transaction
  1. 即時払いspot [immediate] payment; cash on the spot
    • 20万円即時払いにしてください
    • Pay me 200,000 yen in cash, please.
  1. 即時払い手形a sight bill [draft]
  1. 即時放免an immediate release; immediate liberation