1. the same time

    同時に at the same time, simultaneously ((with));〔一時に〕at a time;〔一方では〕while, on the other hand

    • 同時に起こった出来事
    • simultaneous events
    • 同時に二つのことはできない
    • No one can do two things 「at a time [at the same time].
    • 車が柱にぶつかると同時に彼は気を失った
    • He lost consciousness the moment the car ran into the post.
    • 彼の死と同時に山田家の長い家系は絶えた
    • With his death, the long line of the Yamadas died out.
    • 彼の善意は認めるが,同時に方法がまずかったと言わねばならない
    • While we admit his good intentions, we must say that his methods were inappropriate.
    • その遊びは非常に痛快だが同時に危険でもある
    • That sport is very exciting, but, on the other hand, it is also dangerous.
    • 彼の話は面白いと同時に有益だった
    • His speech was 「at once [both] interesting and instructive.
  1. 同時選挙a double election; twin elections
  1. 同時多発テロsynchronized terrorist attacks;〔2001年米国の〕9/11(nine-eleven)
  1. 同時通訳((do)) simultaneous interpretation [interpreting];〔人〕a simultaneous interpreter
  1. 同時録音a simultaneous recording