1. I 〔息〕breathing; respiration; (a) breath⇒いき()

    呼吸する breathe

    • 深呼吸
    • deep breathing
    • 人工呼吸
    • artificial respiration
    • 鼻で呼吸をする
    • breathe through the [one's] nose
    • 深呼吸する
    • breathe deeply/take a deep breath
    • 呼吸を測る
    • measure one's respiratory rate
    • 一呼吸ごとにのどがヒューヒューいった
    • His throat made a wheezing sound at each breath.
    • 彼は呼吸が速い
    • He breathes fast./His respiration is rapid.
    • 病人は荒い呼吸をしている
    • The patient isbreathing hard [panting for breath].
  1. II
  1. 1 〔調子〕
    • 両人の呼吸がよく合って仕事は順調に進んだ
    • The two (of them) worked together in harmony, and the work proceeded smoothly.
    • 彼とは呼吸が合わない
    • I don't get along very well with him.
    • 2人は呼吸が合った
    • The two of them hit it off very well together.
  1. 2 〔こつ〕((口)) a knack; ((口)) the hang ((of))
    • 呼吸をのみ込めば馬に乗るのは易しい
    • It's easy to ride a horse once you get the knack [hang] of it.
    • 彼は気難しいから話をする時には呼吸がいる
    • He is difficult, so you must use tact when you talk to him.
  1. 呼吸運動 breathing [respiratory] movement
  1. 呼吸器() (the) respiratory organs

  1. 呼吸器系統 the respiratory system
  1. 呼吸機能 the respiratory function
  1. 呼吸器病 a respiratory disease; a disease of the respiratory tract [organs]
  1. 呼吸困難 labored breathing; 〔医学用語〕dyspnea
  2. 呼吸困難の dyspneic

    • 彼は呼吸困難である
    • He has difficulty in breathing./He breathes with difficulty.
    • 呼吸困難に陥る
    • lapse into dyspnea
  1. 呼吸作用 〔動・植物の〕respiration
  1. 呼吸装置 a respirator; breathing apparatus; a breathing device
    • 彼はすぐ呼吸装置をつけられた
    • He was put on a respirator immediately.
  1. 呼吸中枢 〔脳の〕the respiratory center