1. I
  1. 1〔生命〕life
    • 命あるもの[なきもの]
    • an animate [inanimate] thing/a living [lifeless] thing
    • 命のある限りご恩は忘れません
    • I will remember what I owe you 「all my life [as long as I live].
    • 命を救う
    • save a person's life
    • 命を大切にする
    • value one's life
    • その事故で10人が命を失った
    • Ten people 「were killed [lost their lives] in the accident.
    • 男は大統領の命を狙っていた
    • The man was plotting to assassinate [kill] the President.
    • 子供は誘拐されて命が危ない
    • The child has been kidnapped and his life is in danger.
    • 父は脳溢血いっけつで倒れたが,命だけはなんとか取り止めた
    • My father had a stroke but narrowly escaped death.
    • 命にかかわる傷[病気]
    • a fatal injury [disease]
    • 彼はその戦闘で命にかかわる傷を負った
    • He was mortally wounded in the battle.
    • 命にかかわる問題
    • a matter of life and death
  1. 2〔寿命〕a person's life span
    • 医学の進歩で命は延びつつある
    • Because of progress in medical science, our life expectancy is lengthening.
    • その子は短い命だった
    • The child had only a short life.
    • 命が長い[短い]内閣
    • a long-lived [short-lived] Cabinet
  1. II〔最も大切なもの〕
    • カメラはレンズが命である
    • The lens is the most important part of a camera.
    • この計画の達成のため,彼の助言を命と頼んでいる
    • His advice is vital for the success of this plan.
  1. 命あっての物種((諺)) While there's life, there's hope./It's not worth risking my life for.
    • 命が惜しければここに残りなさい
    • Stay here if you value your life.
    • 心配すると命が縮まる
    • ((諺)) Care killed the cat.
    • 命が縮まる思いだった
    • I felt as if years had been taken off my life.
    • この絵は私の命から二番目に大事なものである
    • I value this picture next to my life.
    • 彼は娘の命の恩人である
    • My daughter owes him her life.
    • 久しぶりに命の洗濯をした
    • This is the first recreation I've had in [for] a long time.
    • 彼からの資金援助が最後の命の綱だった
    • His financial support was my last resort.
  1. 命を預けるput one's life in a person's hands
    • あなたに命を預けます
    • My life is in your hands.
    • 彼は冬山で命を落とした
    • He lost his life in the mountains in winter.
    • 私の命にかけて秘密を守ることを誓います
    • I swear on my life that I will keep the secret.
    • 命をかけて当局の決定に抗議した
    • He protested against the authorities' decision at the risk of his life.
    • 山で子供が消息を絶った4日間は命を削る思いだった
    • I nearly died of worry during those four days when my child was missing in the mountains.
  1. 命を拾ういのちびろい(命拾い)