1. (a) kimono;((in)) Japanese dress [clothing]
    Wafuku is another word for“kimono”, or the Japanese national costume. A kimono is wrapped around the body over a juban undergarment, and is then secured with an obi sash, which functions somewhat like a belt. A kimono is worn with tabi socks and traditional footwear, such as zori or geta sandals. Unmarried women usually wear furisode, a formal type of kimono with almost floor-length sleeves. Men wear a family crest-bearing haori (a half coat) and a hakama (a Japanese kilt) over a kimono as their most formal attire. These days most Japanese wear wafuku only on special occasions, such as shichi-go-san (the children's ceremony), seijinshiki (the Coming of Age Ceremony), graduations, weddings, hatsumode (New Year's temple or shrine visits), funerals and memorial services.
    • 和服姿の女性
    • a woman wearing [in] a kimono