1. I〔息を切らす〕pant; gasp; breathe heavily
    • 彼はあえぎながら坂を登って行った
    • He climbed the slope panting [breathing hard].
    • 僕はあえぎあえぎ山頂を目指した
    • Gasping for breath, I headed for the peak.
    • 高熱であえぐ
    • breathe heavily with a high fever
  1. II〔苦しむ〕suffer
    • 繊維業界は不況にあえいでいる
    • The textile industry is suffering a depression.
    • その国の国民は増税につぐ増税にあえいでいる
    • The people of that country are groaning under one tax increase after another.
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