1. (a) difficulty, (a) hardship;〔厄介なこと〕trouble

    困難な 〔骨の折れる〕difficult;〔厳しい〕hard;〔厄介な〕troublesome;〔つらい〕trying

    • 困難な仕事
    • a difficult task/a hard [《口》 tough] job/laborious work
    • 多くの困難に耐える
    • bear [endure] many hardships
    • どんな困難に遭おうともそれを成し遂げねばならない
    • Whatever difficulty you may find [meet], you must accomplish it somehow./However difficult it may prove to be, it must be done.
    • 困難を克服する
    • overcome [surmount] 「a difficulty [difficulties/hardships]
    • その問いに答えるのは困難である
    • It is difficult [hard] to answer that question.
    • 呼吸困難である
    • breathe with difficulty/have difficulty in breathing
    • 財政困難に陥る
    • get into financial difficulties [trouble]