1. I〔神話で,神の〕descent from heaven
  1. II〔役人の〕
    Amakudari is the practice of senior government officials retiring to high-ranking positions in businesses or semi-public organizations. Upon retirement, they receive large severance payments and are immediately reemployed by entities with strong ties to, or under the jurisdiction of, their former employers. Since the environment thus created is generally perceived as a breeding ground for business-government collusion, the word “amakudari” has negative connotations.
    • 天下り人事
    • appointment of a retiring government official to an important post in an industry controlled by his former ministry
    • 彼は高級官僚から天下りして我が社の顧問になった
    • He became an adviser to our firm (through influence from above) after retiring from a high government post.