1. a sword ⇒かたな(刀)とうけん(刀剣)
    • 相手の肩に一太刀浴びせた
    • He slashed his opponent across the shoulder.
  1. 太刀先the point of a sword;〔切り掛かる勢い〕a sword thrust
    • 太刀先鋭く相手に切り掛かった
    • He attacked his adversary with a sharp stroke of his blade.
  1. 太刀さばきswordsmanship
    • 太刀さばきが上手[下手]だ
    • handle a sword well [badly]
  1. 太刀持ち〔相撲で〕a sword-bearer (who accompanies a yokozuna during his ceremonial entrance into the ring)