1. a contract

    契約する enter into 「a contract [an agreement]((with)); 〔文書で〕sign 「a contract [an agreement]; contract ((with a person to do))

    • 契約を取り消す
    • cancel [break off] a contract
    • 契約を履行する
    • fulfill [carry out] a contract
    • 長期[短期]契約
    • a long-term [short-term] contract [agreement]
    • 雇用契約
    • an employment contract
    • 組合保障契約
    • a union security contract
    • 3年契約で
    • on a three-year contract
    • まだ何ら契約は成立していない
    • No contract has yet been concluded.
    • 間もなく契約 (の期限) が切れる
    • The contract expires soon.
    • 外野手としてあの球団と契約したい
    • I want to sign (on) with that team as an outfielder.
    • 工務店は彼と6か月で家を建てる契約をした
    • The builder contracted [entered into a contract] with him to build his house in six months.
    • 彼はそのレコード会社と契約を結んでいる
    • He is under contract to the record company.
  1. 契約違反 (a) breach [violation] of contract
  1. 契約価格 the contract price
  1. 契約期限 the term of a contract
  1. 契約金 a contract deposit; contract money
  1. 契約者 a contractor; 〔片方〕a contracting party; 〔双方〕the parties to a contract
  1. 契約社員制 a contract worker system
  1. 契約書 a (written) contract
    • 会社との契約書に署名する
    • sign a contract with a firm
  1. 契約条項 the clauses of a contract
  1. 契約不履行 nonfulfillment of a contract