1. (a) commission;〔販売の〕consignment

    委託する 〔信用してまかせる〕entrust ((a thing to a person; a person with a thing));〔商品の販売を託す〕consign ((to));〔管理などを託す〕put ((a thing)) in a person's charge

    • この計画の実行を彼のグループに委託した
    • I entrusted the implementation of this plan to his group.
    • 政府に委託された報告書
    • a report commissioned by the government
    • この品物の販売は代理店に委託してある
    • We have consigned these goods to our agent.
    • わが社では業務の一部を別会社に外部委託している
    • We outsource [farm out] part of our work to another company.
  1. 委託加工貿易processing trade
  1. 委託金money in trust; trust money
  1. 委託生a scholarship student sponsored [financed] by government offices or business concerns
  1. 委託生産contract manufacturing;commissioned production
  1. 委託注文a purchase order; an official requisition (for supplies);《英》 an indent
  2. 委託注文委託注文する 《英》 indent; place an order for ((foreign goods)) through an agent
  1. 委託手数料a consignment fee; a commission
  1. 委託人〔依頼人〕a client;〔委託販売の〕a consignor
  1. 委託販売consignment sales
    • 委託販売で[の]
    • on consignment
  1. 委託販売人a commission agent
  1. 委託品consignment goods; goods consigned