1. a daughter;〔少女〕a girl
    • 娘らしい
    • girlish/《文》 maidenly
    • あの家は娘一人に婿八人だ
    • The daughter in that family has many suitors.
    • この品は(求める人が)娘一人に婿八人だ
    • This article is very much in demand.
  1. 娘心a girlish mind; girlish sentiments
    • ただ美しくなりたいという娘心さ
    • It's only a girl's [girlish] wish to be beautiful.
  1. 娘盛りsweet sixteen(▼アメリカ,カナダでは伝統的に16歳を娘盛りの年齢とする)
    • 娘盛りである
    • be in 「the flower of maidenhood [the bloom of youth/the prime of girlhood]/be sweet sixteen
  1. 娘時代one's girlhood
  1. 娘婿one's son-in-law