1. a marriage; a wedding
    • 娘の嫁入りを見るまでは,安心して死ねません
    • I cannot die in peace before I see my daughter married.
    • あの家では明日嫁入りがある
    • There will be a wedding in that family tomorrow.
    • 姉は農家に嫁入りした
    • My sister married a farmer.
    • 嫁入り前の娘がいます
    • I have a daughter of marriageable age.
  1. 嫁入り衣装a wedding dress; a bridal gown
  1. 嫁入り道具〔家財道具〕a bride's household effects;〔主に衣類〕a trousseau [trúːsou] ((複 ~s, -seaux))
    • 嫁入り道具を調える
    • buy a trousseau