1. I 〔商品などの広告〕(an) advertisement, advertising⇒こうこく(広告); 〔広報活動〕publicity; 〔政府・団体などの〕propaganda

    宣伝する advertise; publicize; spread propaganda

    • 今は宣伝の世の中だ
    • This is the age of advertising.
    • 新しい自動車の宣伝をする
    • advertise a new car
    • 自己宣伝をする
    • advertise oneself
    • 前宣伝
    • advance publicity ((for a movie))
    • ヨーロッパの映画祭で賞を得たことはあの映画の大きな宣伝になった
    • That movie got a lot of free publicity when it won a prize in a European film festival.
    • 彼らは軍備強化の必要を宣伝してきた
    • They have been spreading a lot of propaganda about the need for a military buildup.
    • インタビューの間に自分の本を宣伝した
    • He plugged [put in a plug for] his own book during the interview.
  1. II 〔大げさに言いふらすこと〕
    • 彼女は前からボーイフレンドがすごくハンサムだと宣伝していた
    • She had been going around for some time telling everyone that her boyfriend was terribly handsome.
    • 彼女は前宣伝ばかりで一向にごちそうしてくれない
    • She talks a lot about inviting us to dinner but there's no sign of her actually doing it.
  1. 宣伝員 〔政治的な〕a propagandist; 〔広報係〕a publicity man
  1. 宣伝映画 a propaganda picture
  1. 宣伝カー a sound truck
  1. 宣伝価値 propaganda value
  1. 宣伝機関 a publicity organ
  1. 宣伝記事 a publicity article
  1. 宣伝効果 the impact [effectiveness] of advertising [propaganda]
    • 宣伝効果のあるCM
    • an effective commercial (▼英語ではcommercialのことをCMとは言わない)
    • 有名な女優を使えば新製品の宣伝効果は上がるだろう
    • Using a well-known actress would increase the effectiveness of advertising for the new product.
  1. 宣伝戦 a propaganda war; 〔商戦〕an advertising campaign, a publicity campaign
  1. 宣伝費 advertising [publicity] expenses
  1. 宣伝ビラ a leaflet; a handbill; an advertising bill; a propaganda bill
  1. 宣伝部 a publicity department
  1. 宣伝文句 〔商品の〕a sales message; 〔広告の文章〕copy
  1. 宣伝屋
    • なかなかの宣伝屋だ
    • He's good at getting publicity.