1. a home, a family;〔世帯〕a household
    • 母子[父子]家庭
    • a fatherless [motherless] family
    • 家庭の崩壊
    • 〔一家庭の〕the collapse of a family/〔家庭制度の〕the collapse [disintegration] of the family (system)
    • 家庭の不和
    • domestic discord
    • 裕福な家庭に生まれた
    • He was born into a well-to-do family./He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    • 彼女は家庭の事情で勤めを止めた
    • She gave up her job for family reasons.
    • 青少年の非行化は家庭の事情によることがしばしばある
    • Family [Domestic] conditions are often responsible for juvenile delinquency.
    • 家庭用の
    • for domestic [household] use
    • (女性が)家庭に入る
    • marry and become a housewife
    • 彼女は社交的ではなくむしろ家庭的だ
    • She is at her best in the home, not in social situations.
    • あのレストランの家庭的な雰囲気が好きだ
    • I like the homelike [homey/《英》 homely] atmosphere of that restaurant.
    • 彼は家庭的な人だ
    • He's a family-oriented man.
  1. 家庭医a family doctor [physician]
  1. 家庭科home economics
  1. 家庭着a housedress
  1. 家庭教育home training
  1. 家庭教師家庭教師
  1. 家庭経済household economy
    • 今日1日は家庭サービスをすることにした
    • I've decided 「to play the good family man today [to spend today with my family].
  1. 家庭菜園a kitchen garden
  1. 家庭裁判所a family court; a domestic relations court
  1. 家庭常備薬household medicine
  1. 家庭生活family [home] life
  1. 家庭争議a family dispute; domestic trouble
  1. 家庭内暴力violence within the family; domestic violence
  1. 家庭訪問a home visit ((by a teacher))
    • 家庭訪問をする
    • visit a pupil's home
  1. 家庭用品household articles [utensils]
  1. 家庭欄a column for homemakers
  1. 家庭料理home cooking