1. I〔学習課題〕homework;《米》 an assignment
    • 宿題をする
    • do one's homework
    • 夏休みの宿題は出さない
    • I am not giving [《米》 assigning] any homework for the summer.
  1. II〔検討中の問題〕a pending question;〔決定されていない問題〕an open question
    • その件はまだ宿題だ
    • The question is still pending.
    • いつまでも宿題にしてもおけない
    • We can't leave the matter unsettled [dangling] forever.
    • 税制問題は政府の宿題だ
    • What to do about the tax system is a problem yet to be resolved by the government.