1. all the more;〔否定〕still [much] less
    • それが事実ならなおさらよい[悪い]
    • If that is true, so much the better [worse].
    • 彼はなおさら大胆になった
    • He grew all the bolder [more daring].
    • 彼女は控え目だからなおさら好きだ
    • I like her all the better because of her diffidence [unobtrusive nature].
    • 彼でさえ試験にパスしないのなら私などなおさらです
    • If even he cannot pass the test, I have very little chance indeed./If even he can't pass the test, how can I hope to?
    • 金を使ってしまったのは悪いが,うそをついてごまかすのはなおさら悪い
    • It was wrong for you to have used the money, and it is still worse to lie about it.
    • 私は地位もありませんし,金はなおさらありません
    • I have no position, 「much less [to say nothing of] money.
「肝が据わる」と「肝が座る」正しいのはどっち? idraft by goo